Sophos Safeguard creates Error 0x800703E6 while Win Updates / InPlace

Hello community

We are using Sophos Safeguard for Bitlocker encryption and we are getting the following error code during Windows updates and any inplace upgrades to higher Windows 10 versions:


Now we have checked everything (antivirus, antiransom, firewall etc. etc. etc.) and finally came across Sophos and encryption.

I know the Setup.exe options to disable encryption, however this did nothing.
It only helped to uninstall Sophos, decrypt the hard drive, then do the update and then reinstall everything and encrypt.

However, since this is not a nice solution and we don't want to reinstall everything every time, I wanted to ask if anyone here has any idea what else we can do?

Our Sophos versions on the clients is:

I hope you can help me here.
Thanks a lot!