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Safeguard - Feature request - User defined key when using device Password



 I want to request a feature for Sophos Safeguard.

When encrypting a removable device like a USB stick, there is an option to set the key which is used to encrypt the data. This option only works when you don’t set media passphrases. If you define a passphrase for the USB Stick the users key gets used. I would like to request that both options in combination still work.

To describe the scenario. An employee has a USB drive and encrypts this device then everyone else in the company should be able to access this data without the need of entering a password. This only works when you use a global key for encrypting the device. When the USB device is given to another company they should be able to access the data via the passphrase.


Kind regards

Christoph Schneider

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  • Hi

    If you already have Synchronized Encryption then you already have the ability to encrypt USB sticks, either by:

    • Simply copy the encrypted files to the USB stick
    • Right-clicking the…