Need help in Hard disk decryption.

Dear All,

Hope you all are safe and doing good.

I am working for a company that uses Sophos Safeguard Encryption. I was having an older company Laptop which needed replacement due to some hardware issues. I connected my external hard disk to the laptop and took the required backup. But, in the process my external hard disk also got encrypted. 

After I received a new laptop, which is also Sophos enabled, I tried connecting my hard disk it throws Format Disk Error when connected to the new laptop. I thought that my hard disk got corrupted or some issue with it. I checked with a data recovery company which informed me the data is Sophos encrypted and hence not accessible.

How to decrypt the hard disk to again make it accessible.

I would really appreciate someone to help me with this issue.

Thank you very much in advance.


Sudeep Y.

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