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Users getting spam email but nothing showing in mail logs

We've been getting a lot of spam from a particular sender lately. Typically I'll go in the Sophos Mail filter, find the log of the message, block the sender and the host. This time I wasn't able to find a log of the message at all. I've widened my search time, searched by email address, subject, recipient and still can't find a log of this message. If I can't find the log, I can't block by host. I was able to block them by email address yesterday but of my users are still getting spam email from them. The user alerted me to the message by using the Outlook "Report Message" button. I know that deletes the message and sends me a copy, but there should still be a log of the message.

Another odd thing is when I get the copy of this particular email in my inbox it's not a .eml file. Below is a screenshot.


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