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CR50iNG Port C

Have a client STILL using CR50iNG.  I am aware that these are EOL, they have purchased the Sophos XG as an upgrade but want a change made to the NG, and if it is working correctly, a backup of the NG and an import to the XG will be done..

Their Dell switches are garbage and are not allowing the APs to connect properly.  They want to connect their AP directly to the NG by way of Port C

The existing interfaces set up on the NG:

Port A:  LAN (gateway)
Port B:  WAN the incoming ISP

I don't know much about Cyberoam and I can find zero NG documentation that goes father then the basic setup of the same interfaces that are already there.

So, can I create a new interface on Port C, give it a new static (, plug in the AP, and boom - I'll be off the races? I think not, nothing is that easy.  I've tried and can't talk to the LAN or WAN.

I have also tried to create a LAN to LAN, ANY, w/o MASQ, but that didn't help either.

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