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Apparently the Sophos Ideas Portal will be retired on July 26, 2022.

Hello Everyone!

Apparently the Ideas Portal will be shutdown, has there even a time back then where those requests got accepted and developed?

Most of them are with the "Under Review" (black-hole) status for years, apparently It really takes a long time to decide if pattern update schedules are actually necessary or if It scientifically possible to introduce a real-time bandwidth graphs without a "Refresh" button.

At last, can the Community at least get an explanation on why the Ideas portal is being retired? I know there's no need for one since It has already abandoned for years, but still It would be good to know the actual reason for this. (Maybe someone got tired from having to constantly remove spam posts some months ago.)

Anyways, thanks for all the work!

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  • Good spot seeing that the Ideas portal is coming to the end of its natural life!

    We are in process of communicating this wider, and we felt that adding a note in the header sooner rather than later was beneficial to everybody. We are retiring the legacy Idea portal in favour of a modern feature request process that is embedded into our core systems and that will tie in directly with our product management planning platform.

    Feature requests and ideas will be captured either directly through the team of Sophos Sales Engineers or through in-product feedback where available (and this will grow to more products).

    Of course, customers can also discuss and comment on ideas and feature suggestions in the existing communities.