Who to complain to about our non-existent MSP Partner Support in the UK?

For the last couple of years we have been a Silver Partner based in the UK selling MSP solutions. Quite frankly, the Partner support has always poor but since the reorganisation a few months ago, the service has become even worse.

We don't ask for a lot of support but when we do it is typical for emails to be ignored or need to be constantly chased (over weeks) to get a resolution. The latest issue is we wanted to order some hardware for MSP licencing and were hoping to get this installed over the Christmas break but that opportunity has now passed us by because I can't get any answers from our MSP Channel Account Manager.

We have also had an issue with our Sophos Partner Program Compliance where the monthly update says we only meet 80% of the requirements when we know we meet 100%. Our MSP Channel Account Manager has emailed the relevant department several times and in nearly eight weeks has not had a single response.

It is telling that Sophos never survey their partners on what they think of the Partner support offered. You can't actually speak to anybody if you wanted to, everybody just hides behind emails they don't answer. There is no escalation process and if you ask who you can complain to, the email goes unanswered.

So how do we get our issues in the UK resolved? Happy to receive responses by PM if their are contact details that you don't want to post here.

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