Device Management


I am curious if you guys have any good workflow for device management in Sophos. We have a lot of old devices and pre-deployment devices that trigger alerts. Brain storming ways to make this process seamless even if it take a little work. Thanks everyone!

  • Hello TheNewGuy,

    could you be a little bit more specific what product the in Sophos is and what kind of old devices and pre-deployment devices you are referring to?


  • Absolutely, its not really the product itself that I am asking about but more of a workflow you guys use to keep the "Devices>Computers" list up to date. Currently we have say 3k devices on the network active but with 5k still in Sophos. I am trying to figure out a good work flow for keeping this list up to date to stop alerts that we get for devices that have either been recycled or are waiting in a closet to be deployed.

    I have had the idea of having 2 service accounts so I can see the last logged in user as a certain service account letting me know the computer is either in predeploy phase so I can leave it and ignore the alerts. Then to have the other service account for RMA, donated or recycled devices letting me know to remove them from the list of computers. Do you or anyone else have a good workflow you use?