Problem adding MTR contact details

Hi all

I know this topic fits not 100% in this area but there is no sophos central or mtr discussion area.

we use Sophos Central as Sophos Partner and have our own tenant with exchange synced accounts.

Now I want to add three administrators to the role "super admin" to be able to select them in the MTR contact detail section. Unfortunately, I can't add the relevant users to the role "super admin" in Sophos Central > Global Settings > Role Management. Error message "Email is already taken for an administrative role" -> "Role members could not be saved".

In sophos central > People the users have no role assigned so far. But maybe there is some check with the users in the partner portal where these users are "Partner Super Admin"

How can I assign these users as MTR contacts or how can I add these users to "super admin" group? any idea?



  • Hey Michael!

    It sounds like the email address you are trying to add has already been used to register a Sophos Central account.

    You can resolve this by either changing the email address associated with the user, or creating an email alias for the user and registering that in Central as a new user.

    To identify the account that email address is in use in, the user could attempt to log into Sophos Central with that email address or reset the password. Once logged in, view the account details to identify what Central estate that email address is associated with. Log into that estate as a Super Admin and change the email address associated with the user to a different one.

    Alternatively, create an alias for the email address (in whatever system you use to manage email) and associate that with a new user in Central. We have plenty of MTR customers who set up email distributions or email aliases and use them in this manner for their MTR Authorized Contacts.

    If a threat needs escalating, the MTR team call your Authorized Contacts in the order you added them so be sure to put them in priority order. Emails will be sent to all Authorized Contacts simultaneously.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi SecBug

    Thanks for your reply! We have discussed that also with aliases or distribution lists. That will work I guess. But we want also specific phone numbers and not only the general one. If companies have a SOC number, than it makes sense. But we want direct numbers to specific employees as it is possible to add three contacts.

    workaround would be three aliases and use them with the specific employee contact details... 



  • Absolutely, please use telephone numbers that we can use to reach out at any time of the day. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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