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Hello, I am new to Sophos. I am a student at my school, and Sophos Endpoint Agent has blocked me from doing my homework, and school. Sophos keeps isolating my computer. I have tried searching for solutions, but they involve being an admin. I am just a student with no power over sophos. Someone please help if you can. It keeps isolating and unisolating. I tried scanning but it won't show anything wrong with my computer. I deleted all "suspicious" files from my computer, which are just games. I updated my computer today but it seems to have made it worse. Someone please help. I am desperate to get my bad computer up and running. It's basically unusable.

P.S: I'm on a different computer.

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  • Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do aside from offer information. If you computer is being isolated it is because SOPHOS detected a threat on the machine. With Tamper Protection in place there is nothing you can do without admin/IT intervention. If you open the SOPHOS GUI (check the notification tray and double click the SOPHOS icon), are there any events there indicating what is going on? 

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