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Central 10.0.4 install on fresh Catalina

Does anyone have a current list of components and where to find them that need to be granted full disk access on Catalina? They used to be present in the known issues document, but when Sophos added the pop-up interface, they seem to have pulled it from documentation. Unfortunately, this system refused to play nice and give me Full Disk Access notification with the easily draggable UI bit. does have some info on processes, but it doesn't detail where to find the files.

In comparing the files I manually whitelisted on Catalina to the files that were added by the popup on Big Sur, I was missing and unable to locate "SophosMDR" and "com.sophos.en....systemextension". From poking about, it appears that MDR is an optional component, if it turns out we're utilizing that, where do I find that file? From other poking about, it appears that the com might be com.sophos.endpoint.scanextension.systemextension and limited to Big Sur. Can anyone confirm? If not, any ideas where that bugger is hiding?


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