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Sophos Home vs. Astrill VPN


I need some help please with a stand-alone machine running Windows 10 64-bit, installing Sophos Home on it.  I'm a large business account holder but I've been told there's no support for Home included for our ££££ per year :-) 

they have directed me to Home support but you can only get support if you pay for Premium.  the thing is, I don't know yet if I want Premium version - happy to pay for it but not if I can't solve the problem below....... catch-22!


The problem:

I assume you guys are aware of Astrill Vpn.  Like CyberGhost i think, it's one of many VPNs that can be installed to divert traffic to VPN servers.

I have installed it previously on two other Win10 machines with no issue, but on installing to a new build/different machine, I have a problem.

What happens is that as soon as Astrill is installed, no sites resolve. And I mean that's without Astrill toggled on or off.  As soon as it's installed things go wrong. All sites fail and say 'ERR_CONNECTION_RESET'

I think somehow it's DNS related - I can ping and get a constant good result. Also, google (cached. I assume) works and then the bit I don't really understand is that you can see Google news results (e.g. if I hit 'BBC' into Google, I can see their news boxes on current stories) but if I click through them, again I get 'ERR_CONNECTION_RESET'

The thing is : this all starts to work perfectly if I strip Sophos Home off the laptop. Although it's a new machine, I have scanned it and it scans clear.  I can't see any notifications that it's a PUA and, importantly, no way of allowing it even if it was.

Installing Astrill completely stops web sites from working so I can't even access the Sophos Home console from that machine - but from another machine , I can see the Home dashboard and I can't see any issues reported.

How does Sophos interfere with Astrill and how do I put it right please?  


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  • I am confused, if you are "'a large business account holder " why wouldn't you purchase the commercial version of Sophos?  


    Also Astrill upon search:

    Shows they are in a country that has no data laws or regulations, this is great if you are a hacker or doing some illegal (not saying you are) and don't want to worry about it since they will not report you and can capitalize on that.  But also bad if you have sensitive information you do not want anyone at the company looking at since they don't have any data laws.  This could also be inaccurate I just thought I would share it.  I remembered the name and googled to see why, my reference had to do with it being the popular choice in China for many years until their recent Great Firewall.






  • Yes, I completly agree with Badrobot, if you are "'a large business account holder " I recommend to purchase the commercial version of Sophos.


    And considering Astrill ( I am not sure that it is still working in China or not. 


    When I was in china I normally used ExpressVPN to use social apps. 

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