New Sophos Community Feature Focus: Leaderboards


A big new change you'll notice is the addition of leaderboards across the site. There are two different variations, one that is sitewide and visible on the landing page, and one that tracks at the group (product) level. For example, XG has it's own leaderboard, UTM 9 does, Home, etc. If you contribute to more than one product group, you will see your cumulative score appear on the sitewide leaderboard. 

Sitewide leaderboard:

Group leaderboard:

How do leaderboards work?

You can gain points in five ways: 

  • Create an idea (feature focus on ideas coming soon) - 2 points
  • Create a forum thread - 1 point
  • Reply to a forum thread - 5 points
  • Have your reply be verified as an answer - 15 points
  • Provide an accepted suggestion to our user assistance content - 30 points

It is heavily weighted towards verified answers, as having more solutions highlighted in our community will benefit everyone. Of course, Sophos Staff and Administrators will be exempt from leaderboards. Top members/contributors in the community will be rewarded for their hard work, with more to come in the near future on this. Users that game this system will be warned once, and if they do it again, they will be banned.

Leaderboards and points accumulation are not updated in real-time, so if you believe you have a higher total than what is currently showing, be patient, it will update by the next day. You can also see a breakdown of your points by going to your profile and then clicking on your points total.


We believe this feature will incentivize more users to participate, which will drive more highlighted answers, which will in turn make our community a better support resource for our products. 

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the leaderboard experience, please let me know in the comments below.