The Sophos Community will shortly move to using

I'm pleased to announce that very shortly we will be updating and improving the Sophos Community's search function.

Searching on the community currently brings you existing community posts, community blog posts, PDF documentation, and knowledge base articles. This aims to deliver a lot of the support related content you maybe looking for.

Shortly, when we move over to using, your default search results will also be support focused. Results will include everything you have today plus threat detection information from SophosLabs and product improvements and feature requests from Sophos Ideas.

From the Sophos Community site you will be taken to and land on the 'Support' tab of the search results...

To further increase the sources of potential information you can move from the 'Support' tab to the 'All' tab and see a wider range of information types. On the 'All' tab you can filter to product information on, blog posts from, Twitter posts and even YouTube videos...

I hope you find the change a welcome one and have a much-improved search experience!

Once it's launched and you've tried it out, if you have any feedback please do post to our Community Chat forum and let us know.