I would like to introduce the Community to David Okeyode, an IT Systems Engineer here at Sophos. David is a Sophos product specialist with outstanding knowledge of the IT field, and as a result, his work will be of use/interest to many of you. His YouTube channel has ~100 videos he created himself designed to help others understand and use Sophos products (among other things). 

I highly recommend you take some time to visit his page(s) and get to know him below.

Tell us a little bit about your background:

I am an experienced IT Systems Engineer and an avid student of the IT industry. Over the course my IT career, I have worked in different roles like Infrastructure specialist, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Service Desk Analyst and now as an NSG Support Specialist. One of the main characteristics that I possess is that I do not like any limits to my knowledge. If something piques my interest, I am going to be studying it and learning all I can about it. This has helped me over time to build a very good knowledge of technologies like Microsoft Server, Azure, AWS, PowerShell scripting, Python programming, VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, Networking, and Security. Some of my professional certifications include - Sophos UTM Architect, Sophos XG Architect, 2x MCSE (Server Infrastructure and Cloud Infrastructure); 3x MCSA (Office 365, Server Admin, Exchange); 3x MCITP, MCT, VCP 6, CCNA, ITIL, Multiple MCTS.

I am also an active participant in many IT related Internet forums. My two main interests now are Cloud architecture and Infrastructure automation. I also moderate different study groups online where Engineers collaborate on their certification studies.

What is your role at Sophos?

Primarily to provide specialist level support for our NSG products (UTM, SFOS, Sophos Central Email, Web Appliance, Email Appliance, and PMX) but also to enable other Engineers to be able to do their roles excellently. I do this by constantly thinking of different ways to make life easier for others and executing on different initiatives like creating automated, reusable lab environments so that they don't have to; Organizing deep dive workshops on different features of our products; Constantly writing articles and KBs to help others to be able to troubleshoot and fix issues more quickly.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

Mainly spending time with my best friend - my wife. I also enjoy reading biographies/memoirs and watching Judge Judy.

Bob | Sophos Community Manager

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  • Hi David,

    Good to learn from your skills. How best can i get assistance from you ?

  • Thanks very much @Bianson. @All, I'm always willing to help whenever I get the chance :)

    If anyone has any video configuration request that could help, please le met know and I'll seriously consider making a recording on it

    The most popular requests will be given a higher priority. Some that I have already seen on the forums and that I have on my mind are:

    a. VPN to Azure (UTM and XG)

    b. RDS 2012R2 WAF configuration (UTM and XG)

    c. Exchange 2016 configuraion (UTM and XG)

    d. IPv6 6RD configuration with an ISP (XG)

    e. UTM HA configuration on AWS

    f. UTM Autoscaling configuration on AWS