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Due to a planned maintenance update, the Sophos Community will be unavailable on Saturday, September 16th for between 15-30 minutes.

The site will show a maintenance page during the work similar to:

The update is currently scheduled Saturday, September 16th starting at 06:00 PST, 08:00 CDT, 14:00 BST, 13:00 GMT, 18:30 IST and will be unavailable for approximately 15-30 minutes.

Sorry for the disruption but this update will fix a few minor glitches and improve to our community further!



  • This question would be better posted to the Intercept X group (community.sophos.com/.../).  I can briefly say that Intercept X is part of Sophos Central (formally Sophos Cloud).  If you signed up for Central/Cloud previously it could be remembering your email from back then.  I'd suggest trying to login to https://cloud.sophos.com/ (and perhaps using the 'Forgot your password?' option to get in).  Then se the following video on trialling Intercept X (it's the same end result as the web form I assume you've been trying to fill in): https://vimeo.com/185860079.  Fore more help, please do post to the Intercept X group I linked earlier.  Thanks.

  • help!!! I have spent a half hour trying to get the intercept x demo but can't because it says I am already registered under this email and won't let me go past first page to get the link email sent to me. I have used both my email accounts and can't go past first page. Why on earth can't you just put a freaking link to the file somewhere? can you pleaser send me the link or email or whatever so I can get the stupid demo? this is really frustrating and poorly setup. I'm sure many others are also having this problem. I even login to the page and still can't find a link anywhere! after login it should be available in files area or somewhere!!! rwg4th@gmail.com

  • The Sophos Community has returned!