Hello Everyone,

Please note that the Sophos Support Systems will undergo scheduled maintenance from Saturday, August 10, 01:00 UTC, to Monday, August 12, 01:00 UTC. During this time, Sophos Support hours and availability will not be impacted. Sophos Support be available at any time via our global phone numbers. The table below shows which services will and will not be available during the maintenance window: 

Available During Maintenance

Not Available During Maintenance

Sophos Community

Support Portal and Case History

Support Documentation

Knowledge Base

Phone-based Support

Email Communication1


Digital Chat Support

1 All emails sent during maintenance will be queued and delivered post-maintenance.

Reminder: Support hours and availability will not be impacted. If you need to report an issue, please call the Support Line.  

Case Number Changes

The Support Systems Maintenance will change case numbers. If you have an open support case at the time of the maintenance, the Support Engineer working on the case will notify you of the new case number. Rest assured, all details and information related to your case remain intact.

Maintenance Window

  • PT (Pacific Time): Friday, August 9, 18:00 to Sunday, August 11, 18:00
  • ET (Eastern Time): Friday, August 9, 21:00 to Sunday, August 11, 21:00
  • IST (Indian Standard Time): Saturday, August 10, 06:30 to Monday, August 12, 06:30
  • UTC (Coordinated Universal Time): Saturday, August 10, 01:00 to Monday, August 12, 01:00 

You can reach Support through all the available methods:

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