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We’re introducing the Support Certification Program, which will enable you to have access to a senior engineer when you need to interface with Support upon successfully passing the exam. This program is open to anyone with an existing Sophos support contract in most regions*.

How do I take the exam?

You will need to log a case at for Customer Care with your inquiry around the exam. Once Customer Care receives your request, they will provide access to the exam.


1. I am a partner or customer with an existing Enhanced Plus Support contract – do I need to do anything

No, you already have the access to the phone lines for senior engineers.

2. Does this replace my current Sophos certification?

No, this will not replace any certification that you currently have or are required to maintain as a partner.

3. What is the passing grade?

You would need to score a minimum of 70% to pass the exam.

*Available in North America, UK and Europe, Japan, and Australia 

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