Community Update: Techvids launch, Community upgrade, and more!

Hi Sophos Community!

On behalf of the Sophos Community Team, I sincerely hope all of you and your loved ones have been keeping healthy and staying safe.

If you haven’t already seen it, Sophos has published a very useful “Keeping you secure through the coronavirus pandemic” resource page that includes information regarding free personal PC/Mac protection, remote working advice, and the latest threat intel. I highly recommend taking a look and also subscribing to our fantastic NakedSecurity blog and following @SophosLabs on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest global security news.

Now with that tidbit covered and understanding the unfortunate fact that we can’t #Cancel2020 and skip right ahead to 2021, I wanted to share some exciting Community news that’s sure to brighten your day/week/year!

The team has been diligently working on several projects and we are excited to finally announce them.

See below for the list and feel free to click on any of the items to jump straight to it.



Launch of Sophos Techvids Video Hub

We hope all of you have been enjoying our latest videos that we have published on our Sophos Support YouTube channel! In an effort to improve the viewing experience and also to introduce engaging features not available on any other platforms, we have launched our own video hub that we are calling Sophos TechVids! Sophos Techvids will be the new home for our Sophos Support how-to, configuration, and troubleshooting video library moving forward (over 90+ videos and counting!).

Note: We’ll continue to cross-publish content to our YouTube channel, but the new video features and certain exclusive content will only be available on TechVids.

Popular Videos

What’s New

  • Interactive in-video features
    • Feedback survey
      • In-video prompt and survey provides an easy and simple way to share your feedback to help us improve our future videos!
    • Interactive Video Navigation
      • The navigational top-bar within videos is now interactive. Click to skip directly to the section of the video you want to view!
        Note: This is a new feature available on most of our current videos



Sophos Community Website Upgrade

The long-awaited upgrade to the Sophos Community website has been completed! Along with enhancements to overall site performance and fixes to more than a few annoying bugs, the following features below have been introduced.

Note: If you are new to the Sophos Community, please make sure to check our our Getting started page!

Highlight of new features and improvements

  • Improved navigation
    • “Hamburger” navigational menu now available in the Community header
    • Dropdown directory available within each group

  • Enhanced User Profiles
  • Member Presence
    • Member presence is shown as a dot (grey = offline, green = online) in live-updating areas. This indicator helps the Community identify if a specific user is online and if they may reply soon (how many users are online, who’s currently typing, etc.)
      Note: By default this will be enabled, but users are provided with the setting to opt-out if desired.

  • Threaded Forum Discussions and Comments
  • Upvote and downvoting of threads and replies
  • Increased visibility of verified forum answers
  • Ability to insert formatted code into threads and comments

    • Please use this when including product logs in your forum thread! Grinning

Community group changes

  • The Community group structure has been revised, see below:
    • Network
      • XG Firewall
      • UTM Firewall
      • Sophos Wireless
      • Web Appliance
    • Endpoint
      • Intercept X Endpoint
        • Note: (Sophos Central has been merged into this group)
      • Sophos Mobile
      • On-Premise Endpoint
        • Formally known as Endpoint Security and Control
        • Server Protection has been merged into this group
      • Encryption
        • Formally known as SafeGuard
        • Group will also cover Central Device Encryption
      • Messaging
        • Sophos Email
        • Phish Threat
        • Email Appliance
        • Pure Message
        • Reflexion
      • Public Cloud
        • Sophos Cloud Optix
      • Extras
        • Community Chat
        • Support Portal
        • Feedback on User Assistance
        • Malware Questions
      • More Products
        • MSP Flex Integrations
        • Free Tools
        • CyberoamOS



Community News

To help promote the new and improved Sophos Community website, we have also planned several exciting Community initiatives which include:

Meet the Sophos Community team

In the spirit of staying connected during these socially-distant times, each member of our Sophos Community team will be sharing a bit about themselves through a series of “Meet the Team” Community blog posts.

  • I’ll also be reaching out to our active Sophos Community users to publish a series of “Meet the Community” posts, so keep an eye out for a message from me in your inbox (and a thank you gift)!
  • We also encourage new Community members to introduce themselves on our Community Chat group!

Sophos EDR Query Exchange Community and New Early Access Program (EAP) home

Interested in seeing what EDR queries other organization have created?  Looking for help crafting your own custom SQL queries?  Introducing a new and improved community where you submit new queries to be added to the product, and view other user’s Live Discover queries on the Sophos Community!

Start a new discussion in the forums to solicit Live Discover help. You can also share your Live Discover queries by simply inserting your formatted query on the community.



That's all folks! For now...

Wrapping this up, i'd like to extend a big thank you again to our top Sophos Community users for their valuable contributions!

To our Sophos Partners..... please stay tuned as we're working on expanding our Membership Recognition Program even further to recognize and reward your efforts on the Community.