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Venture into the dark world of hacking and find out how well equipped you are to protect against cyber attacks.

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Join our Break a Hacker's Heart week, where industry experts will report on the latest headlines in cybersecurity and offer valuable insights to protect you against the latest threats to your organization.

During this exclusive series, you’ll get a “behind the scenes” look at a simulated targeted attack, hear first-hand stories from penetration testing specialists, and learn how to stop ransomware using next-generation cybersecurity protection.

You will also have a chance to guide – and remediate – a cyberattack in a simulated threat hunt.

Schedule Overview

Join us live from June 21-24, 2021 between 11:00 - 12:00 pm BST. Plus, with every webinar we are giving away a $50 Sophos store voucher to four lucky attendees. This is one virtual event you do not want to miss!





Choose Your Own Hackventure


Mon 21 June

Help guide our intrepid duo, by going behind the scenes of a simulated targeted attack and witness typical steps carried out by attackers from their perspective of attack tools and approaches. Your choices on the day will influence the techniques and steps we go through, so pick wisely! Once we achieve our attack objectives, we’ll switch sides to investigate malicious behaviour detections using Sophos EDR in a mock threat hunt.

Jonathan Hope, Senior Sales Engineer and Leigh Sunter, Senior Sales Engineer

Live Hacking with Dr Bright

Tue 22 June

Dr. Bright will share his experience as an infosec researcher and penetration tester. He’ll reveal how adversaries attack, sharing the latest reconnaissance tactics, replicating the latest ransomware techniques to exploit corporate networks, giving insights into the role of early detection and response intelligence and will share ideas on your mitigation options and processes.

Dr. Bright Gameli Mawudor, Founder Cyber Security Collective Africahackon

Hacking Tales – A Look Behind the Scenes of a Professional Hacking Company

Wed 23 June

Over the span of many years of hacking companies in order to find their vulnerabilities and strengthen their security, NSIDE Attack Logic’s ethical hackers have many interesting stories to tell. Some of them entertaining, some frightening, some surprising – but all of them insightful. Rafael Fedler from NSIDE Attack Logic will present various anonymised accounts of their experiences while testing some of Europe’s biggest organisations’ security through offensive means. NSIDE will talk about some of their own hacks that they have performed as well as encounters with malicious actors while on the job. You will gain an insight into some of the tricks that are used to deceive users, bypass security mechanisms, and gain access to companies’ most important data and systems. Additionally, you will discover what the risks are when neglecting basic security measures and how it could affect themselves or their companies.

Rafael Fedler, CTO, NSIDE Logic Attack

Ransomware: What *really* happens if you pay the crooks?

Thur 24 June

If you get hit by a ransomware attack and you decide to pay the blackmail demand, what happens next? How well should you expect things to work out? And what if you don’t pay? How do you handle the fallout then? We decided to find out by asking people who had already faced this unenviable dilemma. What they told us might surprise you...Don’t let history repeat itself - learn how to prioritise your own ransomware defences.

Paul Ducklin, Senior Technologist