On December 15, 2020, Sophos will be changing the system used for sending SMS notifications.

No action is required if you would like to continue receiving SMS alerts.


  • Addition of new email notifications that users can sign up for
    • In order to receive email notifications, you will need to login and modify your subscription after December 15, 2020.

  • As a result of this change, registration data will be migrated from a EU-based datacenter to a US-based datacenter
    • If you don’t wish to have your registration data moved, you will need to unsubscribe by December 14, 2020
      • To unsubscribe, please follow the steps below:
        1. Navigate to https://sms.sophos.com
        2. Enter your country and mobile number
        3. Complete the reCAPTCHA test
        4. Click "unsubscribe"
        5. Enter the SMS PIN sent to the mobile number and click "Log In"
          Note: In some countries, you can also unsubscribe by sending “STOP” in reply to any SMS you receive from the SMS Mobile Notification Service.

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