Sophos ZTNA: Access Sophos Firewall Web Admin from ZTNA (Part 6: Add your DNS Settings)

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This Recommended Reads is Part 6 of the Series "Access the Sophos Firewall Web Admin from ZTNA".


  • Admin rights to your 3rd Party DNS server
  • Reading right to Sophos Central

Sophos Cloud Gateway DNS Settings

Since we’re using agentless ZTNA to access the GUI, you would need access to your 3rd Party DNS to add a TXT to resolve the CNAME record that will point to the alias domain generated in Part 5

In Sophos Central, go to > ZTNA > Gateways > click your gateway. 

In the window that shows, you’ll see a setting called Alias Domain; copy this domain as is the one we’ll be adding to our 3rd party DNS 

In this Recommended Read, we’re using NameCheap as our DNS provider (Note: We don't enforce the use of NameCheap; I use it simply because I bought my domain from them) 

In NameCheap, go to Domain List > your domain name > Manage > Advanced DNS > Under Host records, click Add New Record.

Type = ALIAS Record

Host = ztna

(In the host enter the subdomain that you’ll be using to access your firewall, in my case I choose ztna) 

Value = 

(The Alias Domain for the ZTNA gateway)

TTL = 5 minutes

Click the tick (save changes)

Wait between 5 to 30 minutes for the records to propagate.

To access my Sophos Firewall via ZTNA, I'd need to type, but not yet though we still need to add the resource in ZTNA

That is for Adding your DNS settings.

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