Problemes with access ressources with installed agendt "No access"

Dear Sophos Community,

I am testing some scenarios in Sophos ZTNA because we want to use it maybe in the next time and not longer vpn for our home office persons.

We have a local on Prem AD and use the ADConnect with EntraID. The Domain is validated.  Also we use the XGS Firewall as gateway. I only added the GW and change no setting in the firewall rules, because I think I dont have to do that?

Last week i configured everything like in the following docs: (used M365 Group)

When i want to access all my added ressources I get "No access" error. Its not much information to find a problem in the configuriation ^^...

I hope someone has a idea whats my problem now?

Have a nice week!

PS. Excuse my grammar ;)...

Thanks in advance!

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