ZTNA on Sophos Firewall

I tried the ZTNA eap which I was impressed with especially in conjunction with Sophos Firewall, But I wondered if Sophos firewall has the agent built in now, couldn't ZTNA be provided free of charge??  Just Im now priced out of the Central ZTNA and have moved to Microsoft Global Secure Access which is excellent FYI

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  • surely the ZTNA agent on Sophos firewall could shorly take on some of the central stiuff, granted tjhe url part might be difficult but surely central sends all the config to the firewall agent anyway Im assuming?? dont get me wrong it worked and loved it had the agent in firewall but now Microsoft GSA is out unfortunately ive jumped ship even thought again its setup bia the entraid portal but the client app does the work, plus they also have remote networks for scenarios where client apps cant be used so hence VPN to remote networks, plus it has 3 profiles the MS 365 profile the first to release, which sends all 365 traffic via that and can use CA policies, then theres internet profile so CA policies can be used for all net traffic along with web restriction profiles. finally there is an app profile that ive yet to use which allows secure access to on prem apps backed by CA policies etc.  Granted Sophos ZTNA is not the same but the MS ZTNA being free with business subscriptions is a game changer. just my 2 cents dont think im putting Sophos ZTNA down im not I just couldn't afford it after the trial when I have it included in my MS 365 E3 sub


  • Thanks, John for the input. We really appreciate the feedback.