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Remove ZTNA Licence from User


we bought 3 ZTNA licenses to test ZTNA over a longer time. I had a few problems setting up the azure IDP because on our local ad environment we use authlite for 2fa on all admin accounts. It now seems all my licenses are in use for non existing test users.

Is there a possibility to remove the license from the non existing Users ?

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  • ZTNA uses the same process like Endpoint. So after 30 days the license will be released if not used. (If used by the endpoint)
    How did you used the license? Clientless or clientbased? 


  • I had to use both methods but with the same user accounts. I have a problem when I'm trying to authenticate my user with the agent I can't log in with my azure IDP that has passthrough authentication and uses authlite on the on premise Domian controller. I had to use a clientless connection for authentication and then it was available on the agent. The users are deleted and I have no license over so I'm forced to wait 30 days to resume testing and configuration?

  • Hi Julian, Unfortunately, there is no way to revoke the license currently. While the license calculation/update happens daily, we calculate the number of unique authenticated users over the last 30 days. So, in this case, if the t users are inactive, it would be reflected after 30 days.