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Welcome to the UTM 9.7 Early Access Program

Hi UTM Community!

Welcome to the UTM 9.7 Early Access Program. We are excited to announce the availability of our next UTM EAP and look forward to your feedback on this release!

What's new in UTM 9.7?

Support for new APX AcessPoints

In addition to the regular AP series access-points UTM 9.7 brings support for the new APX series access-points that can now also be added and managed with UTM 9. This includes support for APX 120, APX 320, APX 530 and APX 740.

Certificate Chain support for WebAdmin and UserPortal

Full certificate chains that are uploaded to UTM for use with WebAdmin and/or UserPortal will no longer be split but will be delivered in full when accessing WebAdmin and/or UserPortal and web browsers will no longer display warnings for these certificates.

Certificate Chain Support for WebProxy

When using an intermediate certificate to sign HTTPS decryption certificates in WebProxy, WebProxy will now build and return a full certificate chain for the generated certificate to avoid browsers showing a warning when not explicitly trusting the intermediate certificate. The root certificate has to be available within the verification CAs.

New RED Site 2 Site Protocol

RED Site 2 Site connections in UTM will now use the same protocol used within XG Firewall for RED Site 2 Site connections. This removes the need to specify legacy RED site 2 site connections in XG Firewall and provides enhancements to the RED site 2 site implementation in UTM.

Retirement of UTM Endpoint Management

As announced with UTM 9.6, UTM endpoint management will be end of life by the end of this year. UTM 9.7 will no longer include the option for Endpoint Management for the UTM Managed Endpoints, Sophos SEC integration is still part of UTM 9.7.

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-10804 [Access & Identity] strongSwan vulnerability fix (CVE-2010-2628, CVE-2018-17540)

  • NUTM-10745 [Email] Quarantine mail older than 14 days are not getting removed

  • NUTM-10958 [Email] Quarantined SPX Mails which are released are still available on UTM

  • NUTM-10873 [WAF] Underscore in DNS-Hostname makes WAF unusable


Up2Date package from current 9.605 to 9.7 EAP1 (9.670) u2d-sys-9.605001-670004.tgz.gpg MD5SUM: 9a16efcaf57bf6368d63adfa3a6b7f45
Appliance ISO ssi-9.670-4.1.iso MD5SUM: b536acb215ba085549afc283650fbd44
Software ISO asg-9.670-4.1.iso MD5SUM: f4888657550f6b7d83b33ae77997c6d0


You can use the license below for the beta phase: UTM-9.7-EAP-License 


Happy Beta Testing and looking forward to your feedback!