AP 100C Antennas and Mounting Orientation - Does Face Up Work as Well as Face Down?

Sorry for the frivolous question, but ...

I am replacing my current access points with Sophos AP 100C models, to be run from the current UTM 9.7 software. The AP 100C is designed to be hung upside-down from the ceiling, with the Sophos logo facing down. I assume that a sideways wall mount is also acceptable, although it is not mentioned in the user manual.

I would be easiest for me to place the AP 100C access points on top of high cabinets, close to the ceiling. This means that the Sophos logo would be facing up, opposite from a normal ceiling mount. 

My questions are:

-> Will I get a good wide area signal from the AP 100C if it is positioned high, but facing up?

  • Does anyone know the radiation pattern of the antennas in the AP 100C or has found documentation about it?
  • Has anybody tried laying it on its back on top of a cabinet or other furniture, facing up?
  • Did it work for you?