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Integrated Site Web services with company internal software

Integrated Site Web services with company internal software

Web Service URL

Site Web Public Ip -,

I have a DMZ server which run application ,to which this URL is integrated by API programmer 

I need to do white list both  the IP with port 443  ..? How 

and need to map domain name from host with and  with ?

now my question is do i need to create rule from DMZ to Wan 

or need to Create DNAT rule from external to internal bcz both ip are public domain ip  ( and  )

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  • Hello Munish,

    at first, if you want these two sites to be accessible from public internet, you need a valid DNS entry at your DNS provider for that.

    At the moment, the name is pointing to another IP and the second name is not resolving:


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    Philipp Rusch

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  • Thanks n sorry for late reply 

    it was problem from website host end 

    they need to whit list my ip 

    bcz i can resove both site from my end 

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