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Problem with Web Application Firwall

Good evening,

we are using an SG 330 friewall just for Spam-/Virusfiltering auf our Mails, Remote Access with SSL-VPNand Web Application Firewall. Two of our applications are PRTG an Exhange.

SSL-VPN is working very well. Mails are not too time Crica and seem to also work well. However we see issues to access our Servers to the Web Application Firewall. The access is veeerrrrrryyy slogw. This isl related to OAW, OWA and Active Sync. Not the only cause but the most imortant of them.

The firewall itself seems not to be overloaded (Regarding Proxies, Bandwidth and CPU) and setting up another virtual SG for the Web Application frewall did not helb. It started faster but finally came to an exhaustion and End.

Waht might be the case of this? Ist there any fine and Perfomrance tuning.


Best regards,


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