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Exchange 2013 Skip Filter Rules


i am about to go from NAT to the WAF of our UTM (9.7) to distribute our Exchange (2013).

For that i  went with the Tutorials from which helped me a lot.

But i have still some questions about the filter rules in the firewall profiles which has to be skipped.

Since these rules are just some numbers i would like to clarifiy what i skip when i choose to set these numbers to the skipping list or what is mandatory to skip for an Exchange 2013 Server to work properly.

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  • Hi  

    These filter rules are mod security rules. And relevant details can be obtained from the recommended read I mentioned in my earlier post. If you want some of the most common modes, please take SSH access of the UTM as root and enter this command: cat /etc/modsecurity/ This will print out some 271 rules. Others can be searched on OWASP website or their documents page.



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