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RD Web Portal not working trough UTM9


I'm using UTM 9.510-5 with a single network adapter, just for redirection and some filtering and some reason I can't make RD Web Portal to work. I published my RD Gateway and is working fine, but the Web portal its a no go. All RD roles are running on a single box.

At first, I just added /RDWeb/* in the URL hardening of my Firewall Profile that I'm using for my RD Gateway publishing, but I could not make it to work. So I have created a new virtual server that points to the same real server (the RD Gateway server) and with a firewall profile that allows everything. I can open the IIS start page, but once I put /rdweb after the URL I get:

Error: Unable to display RD Web Access

An unexpected error has occurred that is preventing this page from being displayed correctly.
Viewing this page in Internet Explorer with the Enhanced Security Configuration enabled can cause such an error.
Please try loading this page without the Enhanced Security Configuration enabled. If this error continues to be displayed, please contact your administrator.

I know is not a browser problem since the portal is working fine in the internal network. I have also used Wireshark to see the traffic but everything look fine.

If I set the real server in UTM to port 80 it should give and Forbidden error -since the RD Web portal requires SSL- but instead I get the internal IP of the RD server in the browser. I also have this problem with the FTP server.




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