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Max number of hosts in a network Group

After we updated the Sophos UTM firmware to 9.716-2, we started getting email alerts such as Middleware not running – restarted, or Http proxy not running – restarted, and others.  I am not sure if these service restarts were due to firmware quirks or perhaps something that the newer firmware doesn’t like about the configuration.  I had noticed that one network group has 700+ hosts that we are blocking.  From my research, I don’t see that there is a hard limit on the number of hosts that can be added to a network group; however, I am wondering if there is a performance issue or otherwise that may be introduced by having too many hosts within a single network group.  I have been considering creating several new groups and placing those new groups within the main group and then dividing up the hosts that we are blocking amongst the new network groups, but I am not sure at this point if that will help things or if it is even necessary.

Is it possible that having too many hosts (or network objects) within a network group could possibly cause some adverse effects?

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