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How do I get webadmin to see a 2nd network instance defined in AWS for my Sophos EC2 master instance?

I want to use a second interface as my inside interface (Internal/LAN).

After deploying the UTM via ClpudFormation, only one interface appears (External).

Basically, the Sophos UTM console isn't seeing the other interface that I want to use as eth1.I've added a second interface, rebooted the UTM and see it under Hardware. However, after defining a new Interface (LAN) to use this eth1, it is vanished after 1 minute. weird ...

I have deployed Sophos UTM 9 within it own VPC with 2 AZ's, one used for a Sophos UTM cold standby. I have configured AWS with initial subnets and routing tables. I already have VPN tunnel into another VPC which will serve as a backend VPC.

What am I missing here?

Any help will be highly appreciated,

Thanks, Arik

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