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[Sophos Notification] Advisory: Sophos UTM on AWS - Licensing issues after updating to 9.6 MR2 (Standalone/HA)

Hi Sophos Community,

Sophos UTM 9.6 MR 2 has introduced a new license limitation for UTM running on AWS for BYOL deployments. This new limit requires a license for at least 150 users and should only apply to new installations.

However, an issue is that it also applies this limit and enforcement to existing installations updating to UTM 9.602 from a previous version. Leading to the license error of "The license doesn't meet the required minimum user limit".

This is currently expected to only affect customers running standalone UTM on AWS instances or HA instances converted from a standalone installation as these are using the regular Up2date mechanism. Sophos is working on getting this issue resolved.

In the meantime, if you are running UTM on AWS and are offered the 9.602 up2date, we are advising to not apply the update and wait for UTM v9.603 that will address this issue.

This article has been published to provide more information.



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