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Update to Sophos UTM to 9.509-3?

We have been running 9.412-2 in our AWS environment for some time. About a year or so ago, we had updated from 9.4 to 9.5, but ran into some significant problems.  Because of this we had to revert back to 9.412-2.  Since then, the Sophos UTM has been running without issue I am glad to say.  As I am seeing more 9.5 versions come out, I am wondering if a good thing would be to update to 9.509-3 or even 9.510-5.  Since we experienced the problems when upgrading to 9.5, I am a little hesitant to update again especially since our Sophos UTM 9.412-2 has been running without issue.

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  • I upgraded to 9.506-2 many months ago, and have been satisfied with the release.   Still monitoring the discussion before pulling the trigger on 9.510-5.   I would not consider any versions other than 9.506-2 and 9.510-5.

    I was moving from 9.408 to 9.506, and the process broke during one of the intermediate 9.4x updates.   The recommended fix was to rebuild from the 9.506 CD and then restore the configuration file.   Terrifying but successful, resulting in a less elapsed time and a cleaner configuration than if all of the incremental updates had worked.   Unfortunately, the 9.506 update is no longer available for download.