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Installing Endpoint Protection Fails: appears that the UTM is blocking access to required internet resources

I've downloaded the Endpoint Protection installation application from the UTM.

Attempts at installation fail with the following error:

12/27/2018,12:41:04 PM,Information,Checking for internet connectivity...,
12/27/2018,12:41:25 PM,ERROR,Failed to send a WinHttp request. The error code was 12002 (The operation timed out).,
12/27/2018,12:41:25 PM,ERROR,Failed to connect to the URL,
12/27/2018,12:41:25 PM,ERROR,An internet connection could not be established.,


Attaching to the url from a web browser is successful on the installation machine so it's not clear why this wouldn't work.


Can someone help me navigate this?


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  • Hi Dougga,

    i wouldn't spend much effort in troubleshooting this since Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection is anounced as End-of-Sale for 31th December 2018 and End-of-Support at the end of 2019.

    In addition there is a known issue with one of the next Windows 10 Releases which forces every client-AV to register with Windows Security Center (UTM EP doesn't do so). If the Client-AV does not register Windows Defender will run parallel.

    Currently sophos offers an Upgrade to Central Endpoint Protection or Central Intercept X Advanced free of charge.

    if you are a home-User you should have a look at

    if you join Beta-Program you'll get a free year of Premium.

    if you still want to install UTM EP you have the chance to ask you Sophos Partner to raise a support Ticket till end of 2019 ;)


    Yours Lukas


    SCA (utm+xg), SCSE, SCT

    Sophos Platinum Partner