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Installed UTM 9 on a Dell machine with two NICs. Unable to get it work. An ADSL router is setup where phone line is terminated with 4 ports for DHCP and wifi users. Need to setup so that all policies are applied to all users via UTM. Currently its a workgroup environment with ADSL router assigning IPs via two unmanaged network switches. Attaching screenshot of what router advanced LAN settings look like. All devices then get 192.168.1.x IPs. Want to use web filtering and app control

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  • Hi and welcome,

    put the router in bridge mode, setup the UTM WAN  for DHCP add your credentials and you should see and internet connection. Assuming you can login to the UTM. 

    Basic first step is setup a firewall rule internal -> any  -> external -> any -> allow - log.

    From there you can build you firewall rules. your http proxy, your mail proxy, your dns proxy your ntp proxy and finally your ftp proxy.


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