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Endpoint protection web control not working

Hello all,


I have just installed endpoint protection and using UTM 9 (both the free Home editions).
SEP is working fine except for the web control, been reading a lot and enabled logging for the swi_service.exe and this is (some) of the output:

v 18042009550627 swi_service.exe:006056:00188c [PROXY:WINHTTP] Policy: GET [WebControlSync.cpp:653 WebControlSync::startPolicy]
v 18042009550627 swi_service.exe:006056:00188c NOT resetting failure count -- intermediate proxy failure [WebControlSync.cpp:882 WebControlSync::httpEventCallback]
I 18042009550627 swi_service.exe:006056:000ca4 20180420 095506.279 T00000ca4 ------ 3 - Processing request=157\n [oem-log.cpp:29 oem_log]
I 18042009550627 swi_service.exe:006056:000ca4 20180420 095506.279 T00000ca4 ------ 3 - Queueing request 157\n [oem-log.cpp:29 oem_log]
I 18042009550627 swi_service.exe:006056:001c8c 20180420 095506.279 T00001c8c ------ 3 - Processing request=157, 0203E778\n [oem-log.cpp:29 oem_log]
v 18042009550691 swi_service.exe:006056:00188c Policy response: event=4; status=400 [WebControlSync.cpp:1115 WebControlSync::handlePolicyResponse]
e 18042009550691 swi_service.exe:006056:00188c Policy: failure downloading index.txt: status=400 err:0 [WebControlSync.cpp:1119 WebControlSync::handlePolicyResponse]
v 18042009550691 swi_service.exe:006056:00188c sync failure on fallback server: giving up. [WebControlSync.cpp:946 WebControlSync::startFallback]

It cannot download the policy index.txt, I also noticed this in the logs:

v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 getWebControlConfigHelper() - controlEnabled result: -1. Setting to: 1 [WebControlManager.cpp:456 WebControlManager::getWebControlConfigHelper]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Web Control configuration summary: enabled: yes, useBasicPolicy: no, policyUrl:, policyPassword: set, endpointId: 6571EF0D-8EC7-4F9B-8252-D016272F74C6, blockOnSXLFailure: no, policyRevisionId: b727f6653681a5d813b3ad26be301c12 [WebControlManager.cpp:551 WebControlManager::getWebControlConfigHelper]
i 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Creating WebControlSync [WebControlSyncManager.cpp:70 WebControlSyncManager::initializeWdx]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 WebControlSync::clear(): Clearing webControlSync data and state [WebControlSync.cpp:404 WebControlSync::clear]
i 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Using WebControlSync [WebControlSyncManager.cpp:76 WebControlSyncManager::initializeWdx]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 webControlChanged = true; newSync = true [WatchDogRunnable.cpp:427 WatchDogRunnable::loadConfig]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 WebControl: 1 [WatchDogRunnable.cpp:235 WatchDogRunnable::setWebControlEnabledState]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Deny read/write for non admin on C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Web Control [WatchDogRunnable.cpp:72 `anonymous-namespace'::createAndSetDenyReadWriteForNonAdminOnFolder]
v 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Deny write for non admin on C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sophos\Web Control [WatchDogRunnable.cpp:59 `anonymous-namespace'::createAndSetDenyWriteForNonAdminOnFolder]
e 18042009521797 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 Failed to load the web control policy. err:2 [WebControl.cpp:389 WebControl::enableFullPolicy]
i 18042009521799 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 obtained mcs endpoint id [WebControl.cpp:589 WebControl::getMcsId]
v 18042009521799 swi_service.exe:006056:000c18 primary [WebControlSync.cpp:494 WebControlSync::makeUrl]
v 18042009521799 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 getWebSecurityConfig() - urlFilterEnabledresult: -1. Setting to: 1 [SwiManager.cpp:288 SwiManager::getWebSecurityConfig]
v 18042009521799 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 getWebSecurityConfig() - scanningEnabled result: -1. Setting to: 1 [SwiManager.cpp:343 SwiManager::getWebSecurityConfig]
i 18042009521799 swi_service.exe:006056:001210 sxlUniqueId:c3f08bbb083505f4f61339bfb9f6af7 [WatchDogRunnable.cpp:508 WatchDogRunnable::loadConfig]

What can be the issue?

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  • Hoi Cris and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Would you prefer that I move this question to the Endpoint forum or to the Web Filtering forum?

    Please show pictures of the Edits of the relevant objects - Web Filtering Profile, Endpoint Computers Group, etc.

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  • Hello BAlfson,

    I don't know how and why but it suddenly seems to be working :)