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Sophos UTM multiple S2S IPsec VPN with Failover – Tutorial (DE)

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The link below includes pictures of WebAdmin in English and should be accessible to anyone that reads English but not German.  It is an elegant, virtually-instantaneous fail over that uses OSPF, two ISP connections on each UTM and two separate VPN tunnels that are always on.

Sophos UTM multiple S2S IPsec VPN mit Failover – Tutorial (DE)

Cheers - Bob

  • Good morning Bob,

    my name is Stefano and I am writing from Italy.
    Following the german instructions I have been able to reach the desired result ,but  I have two questions:

    1) when I define the four remote gateways (2 for headquarter and 2 for remote office), in the advanced option ,as interface, do I have to choose the interface group (the same in multipath rules) or leave "any" ? 

    2) In the uplink balancing the weight of the second wan interface must be zero ?  

    I hope to be clear.
    Thanks in advance