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IPS stopped to work - file too short


yesterday (sunday) at 3 am SNORT stopped to work with the result that internal nets couldn't reach Internet anymore. In the logs I found

FATAL ERROR: Failed to load /usr/lib/snort/so_rules// /usr/lib/snort/so_rules// file too short

Disabling IPS gave Internet back to local nets. No need to say that nothing was done at UTM level since weeks.

If someone had an idea on why does this suddenly happened, what does it mean, and finally how to solve it.

Thanks, Daniel

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  • I *think* it had something to do with repository accessibility depending on where in the world the UTM is located.  Not making excuses, just stating what I believe the culprit was/is.  Slight smile

    Redundancy is such a norm now, even for us home users.  I have backups for my backups, lol.

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