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Incoming SMTP port 10025 and outgoing port 10026

Hi folks i have a postfix servers which send messages to SMTP port 10025.

I wanted my UTM appliance to catch this port 10025 make the antivirus analyse and send to the port 10026 back to my postfix server.

How can i do this because i dont know how to change standards SMTP port in the appliance UTM.

Many thanks for answers.

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  • Salut ¡Hola! Jorge and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I'm confused - on which interfaces do the port 10025 messages enter and leave the UTM?  Same question for the port 10026 messages.

    I think this can be solved with two DNATs, but I'm not sure of the problem.  Is it just that you want the UTM's SMTP Proxy to run the inbound traffic through email anti-virus checking?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hi and thanks for the Reply I made it with DNAT on eth0.

    Many thanks