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Email gateway to Sophos UTM


I have a question about the email encryption on the UTM. The other side uses an email gateway and encrypts and signs everything via a certificate.
For example it says that the email is from and signed by

The problem is that the other side can send encrypted to me, but I can't send encrypted to them. Because the UTM has "only" the certificate for If I send an email there, it will be encrypted. But if I send an email to, it will not be encrypted. Is there a way to make the UTM use the certificate for all addresses of

The other side uses an email gateway and therefore everything is controlled by a certificate.

Do you know a solution there?

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  • Hallo,

    I've not heard of a system using a single certificate like  Have you asked them how they exchange encrypted emails with other correspondents?

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  • UTM (exim) does encrytion by itself for outbound smtp with the defined Cert matching to DNS,SPF and so on. Inbound it should accept both.