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Sophos UTM Email Protection Setup Network Design

Hi All,

             I am new to Sophos UTM Email Protection, need some assistance from the experts. I have my Sophos UTM (multiple subscriptions e.g. WAF, Email Protection etc.) in DMZLAN, the (Internal) Email Servers are also in DMZLAN. All network segments are using  another Firewall as Gateway. 

To ensure that both incoming and outgoing Emails are secured/processed by Sophos UTM Email Protection, what I have to do on the Firewall (Gateway) or on Sophos UTM (apart from configuring the Email Protection section described in "Basic Exchange setup with SMTP Proxy"  community blog).

so my main question is how/what traffic  to redirect to Sophos UTM as it is not the Default GW for incoming/outgoing Email traffic. Can someone pleases elaborate detailed steps?

Thanks in Advance


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  • You should use the Sophos UTM IP as Smarthost in your Mailserver (so all mails flow outgoing to this IP/Sophos UTM) and allow the IP of the Mailserver as allowed host for relay in the SMTP Profile (option relay) of the UTM (so that the UTM will accept the Mails from your Mailserver) .

    Additionally you have to check if your Mailserver needs an additional route to the Sophos UTM if your Mailserver use an other Gateway as Default GW. (Traffic UTM < - > Mailserver must be possible!)

    Hint: Also check your Domain E-Mail Spam-Settings (RDNS / SPF / MX) if your UTM should receive and send mails from/to the Internet. ( works well to check that)



  • Dear Steve,

                           Thank you very much for your email. I am using ATMail 6.5 version (bit old). I couldn't really find smarthost IP option in Web GUI (admin console).  The MAIL Server and Sophos EMail Protection are in the same LAN and reachable. 

  • You can just use google ATMail 6.5 and smarthost...

    I don´t know ATMail 6.5...

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