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Nice syslog server

Although we use Iview 3 a fair bit, I find that the live syslog isn't really there for looking at syslog messages. So we tend to use a syslog server eg Kiwi syslog to view the live logs etc

Lately, we've been looking at another syslogger (for windows) that seems worth a mention. It's called Syslog Watcher

We've found this to be easy to use and has excellent quick filtering options as well as email alerting etc

Best thing is, it's client server so you can install the server (and client) if you want on one machine and then view from another with the client which saves you logging onto the server to see the logs. It's not free but it comes in at $250 for unlimited sources & 12 months support. Worth a look as we will be switching our syslog servers over to this shortly so I thought I'd share it.

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  • I also use Syslog Watcher as it offers a huge array of features including the ability to view remote syslogs, like you mentioned. The interface is clean and polished and it is extremely easy to use, and the Message View at the bottom allows you to view each log in a "word wrap" style without having to open a separate window for each log. I started using it because I didn't like having to log into the UTM to view my web filter logs. Now I can easily see any log just by opening the syslog watcher icon on the taskbar. I thought it would be intimidating and difficult to install and use but I was actually surprised how easy it is to setup and use this program. To be honest though, most of the free syslog programs out there are quite easy to use.