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After updating to 9.501-5 SSO for HTTP authentication failed and domain join not working.

UTM 9.501-5

Windows server 2012 domain controller.

I installed the 9.5 update on June 2, did not see any issues with this for the client, updated to 9.501-5 on June 12 midnight, and Internet access is failing on multiple sites.

Can get to

Cannot get to - Too many http redirects message.

Turned off web filtering and the websites were available - but the client requires filtering.

Re-enabled and turned off AD SSO authentication and websites are available again with correct content being blocked.

Attempted to remove from and rejoin domain, but domain join failed.


Currently, I have the client functioning, but, I need to rejoin AD and resume SSO authentication.


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  • As suggested here: Sophos Forum


    Remove the utm from the Domain, delete the computerobject in the AD, force and wait for DCs to sync, rejoin the domain.

    This worked fine for me. AD SSO works again in Proxy Standardmode.


    After removing the UTM from the domain i restarted all Sophos UTM Cluster Nodes.

    I don´t know if thats necessary, but maybe you could try that if it still doesn´t work.


    I hope the AD SSO still works after another restart of the UTM.

    I am glad it works now so i did not try it....



    This Problem is not exclusive to 9.5.

    We are on 9.414-2