DNS: Cannot resolve .govt.nz domain names

Hey everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster. Love the UTM software full credit to SOPHOS for an amazing firewall implementation.

On my home UTM instance, I have just noticed that i cannot resolve domain names ending .govt.nz . If I disconnect my mobile phone testing device from the SOPHOS controlled WiFi, and connect to mobile data so I'm using the phone companies DNS, the domain names greydc.govt.nz and wcrc.govt.nz resolve fine.

I've tried disabling the DNSSEC validation, configuring the DNS to use only and no forwarders from ISP. I've rebooted the UTM just to be sure, but I still have this issue.

Can anyone help me fix this? : )

Warm regards,


  • Hi Dean

    Seems a bit strange...

    A great tool is under Web Protection > Policy Helpdesk.... Should point out the "blocks", sometimes you may need to check again as they can sometimes be layered

    Country blocking?

    Any clues in the Web Filtering Access live log?
    You could try setting up DNS Forwarders rather than to the ISP to Open DNS.
    Any time you make changes remember to Flush Resolver Cache