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High httpproxy memory usage with 9.713 and 9.714


I have a pair of virtual UTMs which have run for years with about 4G of RAM allocated to them. After the upgrade from 9.712 to 9.713 in Nov I noticed my swap usage climbing beyond its normal 10-15% level. The culprit was the httpproxy proces so I added about 1/2G to the VMs which returned the swap usage to about 15%. This past week I updated to 9.714 and observed the httpproxy process growing much larger driving swap usage into the 60% range.

The two systems run with almost identical configurations which change very little over time. Our usage patterns have not changed much either. I have not noticed anything in the release notes suggesting a significant change that should require more memory, so my suspicion at this point is that the httpproxy process has a memory leak.

The graph below shows 9.714 after a restart last week. Here is the current httpproxy memory/swap usage:

  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S   %CPU %MEM    TIME+  SWAP COMMAND                                                                                                      
 4776 httpprox  20   0 6202m 1.6g 3996 S      1 38.4  46:09.01 4.4g httpproxy


Edited to include httpproxy mem/swap usage
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  • Are you running the bare minimum of system memory in the UTMs?

    The 9.714 admin guide still says that 2GB is the min config, so no as I'm providing 4.5GB.

    > 9.713 started the 64-bit mode for http-proxy, Avira and Snort.

    Ah, that might well explain increased memory footprint. What I'm seeing given that I've provided a little over twice the required memory suggests that this may be a problem for people who upgrade smaller systems to 9.713+.

    And to confirm, I am running the 64-bit version: Release 9.714-4 64-bit

    It would be helpful if Sophos would verify that there is not a memory leak and provided guidance as to a significant increase in memory required for 9.713+


  • I went and checked mine after seeing this.  My swap usage is 0%, and I have 16GB memory running in my dedicated system for it.  Haven't been much of a VM fan when it comes to UTM, so I don't have it running in that configuration. I am running 9.714, but for some reason, I can't change my signature.  :\

    XG 19.5 GA 64-bit | Intel Xeon 4-core v3 1225 3.20Ghz
    16GB Memory | 500GB SSD HDD | GB Ethernet x5