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Sophos Central Voucher Page Customization



First question/post, thanks in advance for your time and attention.


It's is possible to customize the Voucher landing page on Sophos Central Wireless?





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  • Hi,


    at the moment, the voucher page can not be customised. Title and other texts can be adapted. We plan to add more customisations with later releases.


    Can you specify a little more what kind or level of customisation you're interested in? This would help us to adjust our schedules.



    kind regards,


    Dirk Bolte

  • Hi Dirk,


    Thanks for your time and attention on my question.


    Yes, sure. We are working on a opportunity to provide Internet only access for customers, to a large retail company in Brazil. Our solution concept is to use Sophos Central and distribute Sophos APs in their stores across Brazil.


    But this customer have a requirement of customized voucher splash page (white background, company logo on top, disclaimer and may be even some store discount opportunity image).


    The ability to monitor the issued voucher usage (used/not used issued vouchers, websites/sites/services by voucher) will be a great feature for this customer too.


    Thank you,


    Kind Regards,



  • We are now some 2 years ahead in time and it looks like not a lot has been added to the customization features has it?

    Is anything known about when it would be possible to at lease select a custom logo and colors? And indeed also the ability to monitor voucher usage (the least would be to see which issued vouchers have been activated) should be incorporated. Now when I make vouchers I don't even know whether or not they are actually in use.

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  • Hello,

    You can customize the captive portal landing page in the upcoming release 2.2. A user is given an option to upload the custom logo and change the background color. The same will be extended to the voucher page in the upcoming releases. And, with respect to viewing data related to generated vouchers, it is there as a part of our backlog. I will keep you posted on the progress of the same.