Guest Network with APX320

Hello everyone,

We have 65 APX320 access points in use, which currently broadcast two WLan SSIDS. Now there is a request to additionally broadcast a guest WLAN, for example with a start portal / voucher. I have seen that the APXs support this if I make an access point a hotspot (in Sophos Central).

But what is not clear to me: does the "hotspot" setting impose restrictions on "normal access point use"? Should the guest network be broadcast on all access points, in addition to the current SSIDs?

Many thanks in advance for your information.

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  • There are 3 different level here:
    1. Connection to SSID (WPA etc.). This is the first level to connect to an SSID.
    2. Hotspot or Voucher etc. This will be used after you connected to the SSID and promted.
    3. Connection type: Bridge to (V)LAN - Where to route the traffic generated. 
    3.5 Guest network - Should the AP block internal access?