Clients can't connect to Wifi after being off network

We are in the process of switching all of our Cisco Wireless access points over to Sophos APX 530s. We have multiple sites and have completed roughly half of them. Along with the replacements, we have decided to use Synchronized Security to allow only our clients access to the SSIDs.  

Everything seemed to be working as expected up until recently. We have had a handful of clients connect to Wifi but only receive our landing page. When looking into what is happening, we have found that the client has been powered off and away from the network for at least a night. It is very normal for someone to power off their laptop, take it home with them, and then power it back on the next day, whether at the same site or not.

When troubleshooting, the only thing that seems to correct the issue is to run an update through the Sophos Endpoint or the Endpoint Self-Help Tool. This may also take several attempts.

In Central, under Wireless -> SSIDs -> Advanced Security -> Synchronized Security, it clearly states that traffic should be permitted unless the Security Heartbeat is Red. The clients we have had this happen to are showing up as Green in Central.

There doesn't appear to be any other configuration items that we can tweak to possibly change the behavior we are seeing.  Does anyone have any ideas or insight to what might be the problem?


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